Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Buy Local

Supporting the local community is very important to us.  Participating in several local farmers markets provides us with one way to connect with our customers and the community.  We thoroughly enjoy seeing all our wonderful friends (both human and canine) every week, and appreciate them taking the time to come out and support their local farmers and crafters. We also enjoy the opportunity to do a little shopping and stock our pantry with wonderful local products including cheese, vegetables and baked goods.

There are lots of good reasons to buy local.  I’d like to mention just a few.

  • Local food is fresher and tastes better.  Local farmers can offer produce varieties you might not find in the grocery stores.  These varieties are bred for taste and freshness.

  • You'll strengthen your local economy.  Buying local food keeps your dollars circulating in your community.
  •  You'll support endangered family farms.  Buying local produce and products ensures that the money you spend on food goes to the farmer.
  • You'll safeguard your family's health.  Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised enables you to choose safe food from farmers who avoid or reduce their use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics.
  •  You'll protect the environment.  Local food doesn't have to travel far. This reduces carbon dioxide emissions and packing materials.

Please come see us at the Saco Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 7am to noon or the Freeport Community Market at L.L. Bean, Fridays from 2 to 5:30.  Beginning in November you will find us at the Brunswick Winter Market, a unique winter market located in the Fort Andross Building.  This market takes place on Saturday mornings from 9 to 12:30.   We look forward to seeing you at market!

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