Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun Dog Facts

While doing some reading I came across some fun dog facts.  I just want to share a few. 
  •  1 out of every 2 dog owners would rather be stuck on a desert island with their dog than another person.  Hmm....
  •   15% of dogs sleep in their owner’s bed and another 20% sleep in the same room.
  •   The most tennis balls ever held in a dog’s mouth was 5.  This was accomplished by a golden retriever named Augie. My golden retriever somehow managed to get three in his mouth at once!
  •   Dogs can be trained to smell the presence of diabetes in humans and are correct 90% of the time.
  •   Dogs can smile.  Dogs relax when they are happy which causes their mouth to open showing their teeth and looking like a smile.
  •   Puppies do not wag their tails until they are about 3 weeks old and some take as long as 7 weeks.  They are born with their eyes closed and cannot see or hear for approx 3 weeks.  They also learn to walk around that same time.
  •   Dogs have 3 main ways they wag their tails…a tail that wags high and rigid means the dog is aggravated.  A tail that wags low and fast means the dog is scared.  A tail that is mid-level and relaxed while wagging means happiness :)

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